About Monsieur Macaron

About Monsieur Macaron

ben in paris with macarons

Benjamin Pallais

Founder of Monsieur Macaron

Who are you?
Bonjour, I am Benjamin. Creator of Monsieur Macaron, foodie, and ex rugby player.

Why did you chose New Zealand?
Probably, for the love of rugby and the attractions around the myth of the All Blacks. I first visited in 2007, when I was 21 years old. From this trip, my life have been motivated to become a Kiwi.

Why did you become a pastry chef?
Probably the best job to express myself with my patisserie, to permit me to travel around the world, and to give happiness to my customers.

Why have you created Monsieur Macaron Ltd? Why did you choose macarons?
In my point of view, Macaron is the most glamorous biscuit on the world. As a Parisien born, Macaron is the most trendy patisserie and one of the best known to Kiwi people. The creation of the company is the opportunity to fully express myself, manage my own relationships with customers-partners, and I have the honour of helping the NZ Food culture.

What's the best part of your job?
Have the pleasure to sell and meet my customers at the Farmers Market in Hastings every Sunday.

ben in restaurant with macarons
ben in paris eating a macaron

What's your favorite patisserie?
Royal Chocolat Gateau. Made with Almond biscuit base, Praliné Hazelnut Paste, and Chocolate Bavaroise Mousse. It's been my Birthday Cake since I was 10.

What are your hobbies?
Food - Rugby - Fishing

What's your favorite rugby club and rugby player?
Best rugbyman ever is Jonah LOMU. I was totally fascinated when I was a kid. Then Christian Califano, the first french prop to play for the Blues. My best teams, I'll say Stade Toulousain, All Blacks and France.

What can we wish you for the future??
Keep delivering good quality baking for a reasonable price. For the long term, become the best creator of Macaron in New Zealand 😉