Super Crunchy

Super Crunchy Outside...

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Soft & Chewy In The Middle

Soft & Chewy In The Middle...

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Tasty FIlling

With a Tasty Filling.

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Simply the best biscuit in the world. Made with no gluten containing ingredients, these sweets treats are perfect for subliming and sharing with your family and friends.

Inspired by the sin of Gourmandise.

Parisian macaron are decadent almond based gateau with crispy outside shell of meringue and soft and a chewy inside that melts in your mouth. These skilfully crafted treats are perfect paired with an afternoon tea, or as the main event after diner.

Classic Macarons

pistachio macaron


Packed full of rich chocolate ganache…

salted caramel

Salt Caramel

A Brittany recipe with NZ ingredients.

pistachio macaron


As good as the ice-cream at home!

raspberry macaron


A ring of butter cream with jam in the middle.

passionfruit macaron


Laced with dry powdered passionfruit.

raspberry macaron

Peanut Butter

With organic smooth peanut paste.

Chocolate Macarons

dark chocolat macaron


Full of decadent dark chocolate ganache.

peppermint choco


With a drop of peppermint essence.

violette choco macaron


With the association of Violette flower.


For the lovers of classic Jaffa Biscuits.

Chilli Coco

Spiked with chilli, for the spicy people.

Bounty Coco

Choco with coconut choco ganache.



Shipping (North Island Only - No Rural): $6.50.
Free Shipping for 48+ Macarons.
Prices include GST.



for 1 Macaron
  • $14 for 6 Macarons
  • $26 for 12 Macarons
  • $50 for 24 Macarons
  • $100 for 48 Macarons
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for 1 Macaron
  • $14 for 6 Macarons
  • $28 for 12 Macarons
  • $55 for 24 Macarons
  • $108 for 48 Macarons
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for 1 Macaron
  • NA for 6 Macarons
  • $30 for 12 Macarons
  • $60 for 24 Macarons
  • $116 for 48 Macarons
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Where To Find Us

Where To Find Us

We're here for you! Get in touch through our online order form for freshly hand-made macarons - delivery, in-kitchen pick-up or nationwide shipping.

monsieur macaron at the hawkes bay farmers market

Farmers Market

Since 2015, we are proud to offer traditional Macaron and French Croissants made here in Hawkes Bay!

Come and visit us every Sunday at the Hastings Farmer Market.

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Our Kitchen

Book and confirm in advance, come to pick up after work and you can get our best prices direct from the artisan.

And not to mention fresh from the Macaron oven 🙂

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NZ-Wide Delivery

Book and confirm with us in advance, then we schedule overnight shipping throughout the North Island.

No Sth Island deliveries at this point in time sorry.

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